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Meet the Team

Our experienced admissions team is available as a resource to applicant families and is committed to helping you navigate the admissions process at Convent & Stuart Hall. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your children and family and look forward to engaging with you during our campus tours and admissions events.

Cesar Guerrero

Director of Admissions and Academic Guidance

Cesar joined Convent & Stuart Hall in 2011. He leads the K–12 admissions team the High School Transition team, co-leads Academic Guidance, and oversees College Counseling. He brings over 20 years of experience in public and independent school education, academic advising, student support and college admissions. Cesar has a daughter who attends Convent Elementary, one son at Stuart Hall for Boys and one son at Stuart Hall High School.

Kelly Whalen

Associate Director, Elementary Admissions

Kelly joined the school as an employee in 2014. She leads the K–8 admissions team and is the primary contact for the elementary school. In her time at Convent & Stuart Hall, Kelly has helped guide countless students and their parents as a member of the College Counseling team and the High School Transition team. Prior to that, she served as President of the Parents Association. Kelly has a daughter at Convent High School and a son attending UCLA, both of whom began their education in Kindergarten at Convent & Stuart Hall.

Jessica Jakobi

Elementary Admissions Coordinator

Jessica joined Convent & Stuart Hall in 2002. She works with prospective elementary school families throughout the admissions process. Her daughter is an alumna of Convent Elementary.

Jessica Jakobi

Lauren Dominguez

Assistant Director, K–12 Admissions

Lauren joined Convent & Stuart Hall in early 2021. Prior to that, she worked in the admissions office at a university in Southern California and, most recently, helped international students navigate their school experience at an East Bay independent school. In her new role, she works closely with the K–12 admissions team, supporting prospective families at all entry points.

Lizzie Schneiberg

Director of Financial Assistance and Senior Associate of Admissions

Lizzie joined Convent & Stuart Hall in 2013. She works with prospective parents and students, guiding them through the high school admissions process as well as the financial assistance program. She brings over 20 years of experience in independent school administration, on both the East and West coasts, and has worked with several nonprofit organizations serving children and families in the Bay Area.

Lizzie Schneiberg

Rikardo Williams

Assistant Director, High School Admissions

Rikardo joined Convent & Stuart Hall as a member of the high school admissions team at the start of the 2022–23 school year. He brings extensive experience working in the KIPP public charter schools network, where he served as an Enrollment Coordinator and Business Operations Manager in the organization's Washington D.C and East Bay offices, respectively.

Ruth Loy

K–12 Admissions and Database Coordinator

With more than 30 years of experience in the Convent & Stuart Hall admissions department, Ruth supports our elementary admissions team and is responsible for K–12 admissions database management. She has a son in high school at Stuart Hall and daughters who are alumnae of Convent Elementary and Convent High School.

Ruth Loy