Strategic Plan 2020

Our Vision

An education of mind, Heart and body that realizes the best in students so each may live with grace and intellect, preparing them to shape their present and future and to be a positive force, locally and globally, in their rapidly changing world.

Dear Community,

At Convent & Stuart Hall, we undertake the serious responsibility of preparing young people for their future, while ensuring they experience each day with joy, curiosity and enthusiasm. The school’s strategic thinking and planning centers on aiming at the best for each student — academically, personally and in community. Our graduates are balanced individuals who value hard work and have a capacity for self-examination and interiority.

The vision we hold for Convent & Stuart Hall students reflects their diverse world in the context of a new reality comprised of vast avenues of information and developments in neuroscience and cognition. In response, we have devised an immersive environment — inspired by compassionate, talented adults and kind, intelligent peers — where learning is inspired through a pedagogy of space, where curriculum transcends textbooks and the use of technology augments intelligence.

Our students will be well equipped to think independently and discern the credibility and value of myriad sources of information available to them. They will act according to an internal set of values and beliefs, living in the world with courage, grace and intellect.


Dr. Ann Marie Krejcarek

Areas of Impact

I. Students: Educating to stretch human capacity — now and for the future

Objective: The school commits to developing thoughtful individuals who pursue excellence in mind, spirit and body; who seek a deep and thorough understanding of the world around them and the world within them; who engage ambiguity and develop a capacity for critical thinking; who exercise initiative in learning; who design, create and produce; who have compassion for others and for themselves and a passion to serve their world.


A. Define and implement standards of mastery of essential content and skills

B. Develop K–12 curriculum that reflects principles of and provides opportunities for “students as producers”

C. Engage and develop a spiritual interiority while building a strong intellectual foundation

D. Create programs that equip all constituents to live and engage in a diverse world

E. Make performing arts programming a core part of the curricular experience

F. Deliver a comprehensive Education of the Body program for our students

II. Place & Experience: Amplifying each aspect of the learning community experience to engage and stretch human capacity

Objective: The school commits to designing and fostering a culture and environment of high expectations for every member of the school community in every interaction — intellectually, professionally, spiritually, technologically and relationally, augmenting the development of mind, spirit and body and shaping students to be thoughtful, creative and courageous advocates for the local, national and global community.


A. Develop an agile culture of robust engagement that is responsive to necessary change

B. Set expectations for continuous professional growth and professional standards in pursuit of performance excellence in all employees

C. Ensure that the physical and social environment of the school models respect for self, others and community

D. Explore global network engagement for students and faculty, in person and virtually

E. Increase real-world learning opportunities for students with alumni and extended community

F. Augment intelligence via use of technology for cognitive enhancement

G. Build on the success of renewing and renovating space in service of the cognitive, physical and spiritual development of all members of the school community

III. School: Optimizing organizational structures and systems that demonstrate strategic agility, scaffolding student growth and inspiring effective community engagement

Objective: Through its organizational design, structure and leadership, the school realizes the aspirations and expectations of a Sacred Heart education. A culture of relevance, professionalism and innovation permeates throughout the school and throughout constituents’ lifelong relationship with Convent & Stuart Hall.


A. Develop strategic agility to respond to an ever-changing world and imbue the same agility in each of our students and professionals

B. Develop opportunities for the community to engage in the strategic plan

C. Optimize administrative structures to bring clear and effective administrative and leadership practices in service of clarity, productivity and efficiency

D. Align practices and policies that currently differ across the schools and bring consistency, while communicating the rationale supporting them

E. Continue to build a dynamic financial equilibrium

F. Develop an exemplary alumni experience for lifelong membership in the school community