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Sacred Heart Goals & Strategic Vision

Convent & Stuart Hall embraces an educational philosophy that is timeless and timely. Grounded in over 200 years of educational experience and tested practice, we are alert to the needs of today as much as we value the lessons of the past.

In our current Strategic Plan we outline a vision for Convent & Stuart Hall: "An education of mind, Heart and body that realizes the best in students so each may live with grace and intellect, preparing them to shape their present and future and to be a positive force, locally and globally, in their rapidly changing world."

Our Sacred Heart roots and our way of educating is founded in the wisdom of the Religious of the Sacred Heart, who embrace a progressive, child-centered pedagogy that is always evolving.

Excerpted from the Preamble to the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart education (1975)

“The School of the Sacred Heart in the United States, members of a worldwide Network, offer an education that is marked by a distinctive spirit. It is of the essence of a Sacred Heart school that it be deeply concerned for each student’s total development: spiritual, intellectual, social, physical. It is of the essence of a Sacred Heart school that it emphasize serious study, that it educate to social responsibility, and that it lay the foundations of a strong faith.

Members of the Society drew up the first plan of studies in 1805, and reformulated it ten times over the next 150 years.

Sacred Heart Schools first held to a single, uniform curriculum, but in 1958 a document significantly entitled Spirit and Plan of Studies deliberately puts aside all details of syllabus noting that these are bound to vary according to time and place, and tried to give a clear idea of a spirit … which will hold good for every work of education that the Society might undertake.

If one seeks the timeless element in Sacred Heart education, one must look to that spirit, for externals and customs were always seen as subject to change. Timelessness has never meant rigid adherence to a single program or method.”

Goals and Criteria

As a member of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, we commit ourselves to these Goals and Criteria, as well as to a reflection process with the Network to assess our engagement in the Goals and Criteria. Additionally, the Convent & Stuart Hall community participates in a Network-wide evaluation of the Criteria of our five Goals every 15 years. The Network Provincial Team announced their approval of the latest iteration of the Goals and Criteria on December 2, 2020. You can explore the new Criteria in the pamphlet and dropdown menu below.

Graphic designed by Stuart Hall Alumnus Nikolas Chupkin

Goals and Criteria in Depth