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President's Welcome

Message from President Ann Marie Krejcarek

Welcome. We hope that in exploring our website you gain insight into the dynamic delivery and engagement we’ve designed in service of students. We recognize that engaging students as producers and innovators is a global imperative; empowering them to be change-makers and influencers impels us to create a learning experience to prepare students for what is next, academically and for life.

Throughout my 30 years of experience educating children in a K–12 environment and my professional foundation in science and engineering, I am compelled by the resonance of Convent & Stuart Hall’s rigorous, global and whole-child centered approach to K-12 education. The imperative of the information revolution requires students to be resourceful and purposeful as they navigate an ever-changing landscape of personal and professional relationships, ubiquitous access to information and the impact of their digital footprint.

As you navigate through the story of Sacred Heart education, which began in France 200 years ago and took root in San Francisco in 1887, we invite you to explore our way of thinking.

Dr. Ann Marie Krejcarek

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President Krejcarek often begins her day greeting students on the front steps of the Flood Mansion.

Meet Mary Mardel, RSCJ, who served as a teacher, principal and Director of Schools at Convent & Stuart Hall, and is credited with leading the institution through the transition from operating as a division of the Society of the Sacred Heart to operating as a sophisticated non-profit with its own Board of Trustees.