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Mary Mardel, RSCJ

Mary Mardel, RSCJ, (1918–2022) has been called “the heart and soul of Broadway” by many affiliated with Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco. She served as a teacher, principal and Director of Schools at Convent & Stuart Hall, and is credited with leading the institution through the transition from operating as a division of the Society of the Sacred Heart to operating as a sophisticated nonprofit with its own Board of Trustees. Sr. Mardel has been, often simultaneously, both a beloved champion of Sacred Heart traditions and an agent of change, propelling the school toward contemporary management models.

In addition dedicating the Chapel in her name, the school has established an endowed fund in honor of Mary Mardel, RSCJ, to support the physical integrity of this sacred space and to imbed the spirit of the school’s founding order through education to mission activities.

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