Meet the President

Experience & Expertise

President Ann Marie Krejcarek reflects on the power of Convent & Stuart Hall’s rigorous, whole-child approach to education.

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A Timeless Mission

An interactive timeline of Sacred Heart education in San Francisco

Explore the rich history of Schools of the Sacred Heart - San Francisco, Convent & Stuart Hall, and the network of Sacred Heart schools around the world.

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Sacred Heart Goals & Criteria

Explore the Sacred Heart Goals & Criteria that are foundational to our educational mission.
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Faculty & Staff Directory

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At a Glance

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K-12: Confident & Questioning
Board of Trustees

Profiles of Convent & Stuart Hall’s Board of Trustees. Read More

Campus Map

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Student Profiles

Lauren | Grade 11

My favorite school tradition is singing our school song, Coeur De Jesus. We have been singing it since Kindergarten, and it reminds me that we are part of a global community and network of Sacred Heart students.

  • Subject
  • Tradition
    Singing Coeur De Jesus
  • Activity
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Jordan | Grade 7

The best part of my day is when I'm about to go to P.E. because one of my friends and I run the half mile before class. But my favorite part of P.E. is when our coach picks the teams since they are incredibly fair.

  • Subject
  • Tradition
  • Space on Campus
    Hoffman Learning Commons
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Rhea | Grade 8

My favorite activity at school is musical theater. This is the first year I am going to participate in the school musical — I'm very excited to get to do what I love the most, which is singing and being on stage!

  • Subjects
    Science, Math and P.E.
  • Project
    The Dig
  • Activity
    Musical Theater
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