Meet the President

Experience & Expertise

President Ann Marie Krejcarek reflects on the power of Convent & Stuart Hall’s rigorous, whole-child approach to education.

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A Timeless Mission

An interactive timeline of Sacred Heart education in San Francisco

Explore the rich history of Schools of the Sacred Heart - San Francisco, Convent & Stuart Hall, and the network of Sacred Heart schools around the world.

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Sacred Heart Goals & Criteria

Explore the Sacred Heart Goals & Criteria that are foundational to our educational mission.
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Faculty & Staff Directory

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At a Glance

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K-12: Confident & Questioning
Board of Trustees
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Student Profiles

Arianna | Grade 11

My favorite part of the day is running into my friends in the hallway and hearing about something that happened in their previous class. For me, any day in the Flood Mansion is full of learning things that I never knew.

  • Subjects
    English & Chemistry
  • Space
    Williams Library
  • Activity
    Model UN
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Lauren | Grade 11

My favorite school tradition is singing our school song, Coeur De Jesus. We have been singing it since Kindergarten, and it reminds me that we are part of a global community and network of Sacred Heart students.

  • Subject
  • Tradition
    Singing Coeur De Jesus
  • Activity
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Jordan | Grade 7

The best part of my day is when I'm about to go to P.E. because one of my friends and I run the half mile before class. But my favorite part of P.E. is when our coach picks the teams since they are incredibly fair.

  • Subject
  • Tradition
  • Space on Campus
    Hoffman Learning Commons
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Rhea | Grade 8

My favorite activity at school is musical theater. This is the first year I am going to participate in the school musical — I'm very excited to get to do what I love the most, which is singing and being on stage!

  • Subjects
    Science, Math and P.E.
  • Project
    The Dig
  • Activity
    Musical Theater
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