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Student Profiles

Jonathan | Grade 12

I am most proud of the service project I completed sophomore year in Mr. Campos' class. I chose to work with an organization called Challenger Baseball, where you assist and teach kids with disabilities how to play baseball.

  • Subjects 
    Honors Algebra 2 & Biology
  • Activity 
  • Space
    Carroll Learning Commons
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Alex | Grade 7

Going to an all-girls school has given me a sense of family and sisterhood. I love going to an all-girls school, but I also think it's cool that we have a boys school and a high school, too.

  • Subject
  • Activity 
  • Tradition
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JJ | Grade 8

I have benefited from going to a boys-only school by interacting with boys and knowing what they like. Boys and girls have a different style of humor as well.

  • Subject
  • Activity 
  • Tradition
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Eli | Grade 12

My favorite school activity has been student council. I love taking a leadership role at school, helping to plan events and strengthen my community.

  • Subject
  • Activity 
    Student Council
  • Space
    Pine/Octavia Courtyard
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Independent, Catholic, K-12, Sacred Heart education in the heart of the city, since 1887

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