Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall, Grades K-6

Summer 2014 Dates:

Session 1:  June 16 - July 3
Session 2:  July 7 - July 25

*Campers are invited to participate in both sessions 

Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall has a student population that includes Convent & Stuart Hall students, students from other Bay Area schools (independent, parochial and public) and students from abroad. The faculty is largely composed of our own Sacred Heart educators as well as additional faculty from public, parochial and independent schools in the Bay Area. 

Program Details

Dates & Times

Summer 2014 Dates

Full Program: June 16-July 25

Session 1 (3 weeks)

June 16 - July 3

Session 2 (3 weeks)
July 7 - July 25

* Campers are encouraged to participate in both sessions

Summer Community

Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall is open to all entering K-6 grade students. We welcome students from all over the Bay Area and are excited to share this program with the entire community. Unless otherwise indicated, all of our programs are co-ed.

Kinder Kids Camp

Kinder Kid’s Camp

$800 per session

Kindergarten Only



From the very first drop-off to the initial conversation with a kindergarten teacher, the process of joining a new school community can be a daunting task. This unique program is designed to help campers (and parents!) make a smooth transition to the kindergarten experience. A variety of dynamic activities provide a comfortable foundation of social and academic skills essential to the transition process.  

At the beginning of each session, teachers will introduce basic classroom routines and behavioral expectations so that campers feel comfortable and welcomed into the community. During free choice times, campers will use manipulative materials, games, and other resources. These self-directed opportunities will allow campers to develop collaborative and fun connections with their peers and teachers. Campers will leave the Kinder Kid’s Camp having gained valuable developmental experience that will greatly aid them as they prepare for the coming year.  


Session 1: Incoming Convent & Stuart Hall students will be placed in single-sex classrooms in order to help them prepare for the coming year. All other students will be placed in co-ed classrooms.

Session 2:  All students will be placed in co-ed classrooms.
All Kinder Kid’s Campers are invited to join us for the 
afternoon ‘Young at Heart’ Recreation Program!

Morning Academics


Morning Academics

$800 per session

1st-6th Grade


Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco has over 125 years of demonstrated educational excellence.  We are excited to share this proud tradition with the summer program community.  Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall aims to help each camper smoothly transition into the new school year while creating engaging, theme-based curriculum in coeducational, grade-specific classroom settings.  

Campers will be welcomed into a self-contained classroom, where each session will begin with a basic review of important concepts from the previous grade.  Well-trained teachers will differentiate instruction that will reinforce common themes, standards, and expectations from the prior school year.  As camp progresses, the focus will shift to reflect skills that campers can expect in the coming academic year.  The daily routines and expectations will provide a comfortable atmosphere for campers to make new friends and build upon existing relationships.  

Campers will have access to the vast technological resources of Schools of the Sacred Heart.  With the guidance of our Technology Specialists, laptops and iPads will be available to all grade levels to enhance instruction and assist in building innovative projects.  Group and individual activities will allow campers to interact with each other in a variety of ways as well as demonstrate their skills across different core subject areas.

All campers will be informally assessed and feedback will be shared with each family upon the completion of each session.  Campers will leave the summer program having gained valuable experience in key concepts that will support a smooth transition into the next grade level. 

Multi-Sensory Literacy Program




Multi-Sensory Literacy Program

$900 per session

1st-2nd Grade


Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall will offer an Orton Gillingham-based literacy program. This program is designed to support incoming first and second grade students who are progressing toward grade level expectations in the areas of reading and spelling. Class time will focus on developing and reinforcing foundational skills such as sounds, syllable types, syllabication, sentence fluency, and spelling consistencies. The class will use strategies that are multi-sensory and sequential in nature, providing repetition for the learning and consolidation of skills.  Class size will be limited to 10-12 students and led by qualified reading specialists.

 *If you are unsure about what program to enroll in, please contact the summer program office for assistance. 

Young at Heart Recreation Program

Young at Heart Recreation Program

$750 per session

Kindergarten-6th Grade


The ‘Young at Heart’ recreation program captures the true “camp” essence of Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall. By fully utilizing some of the premier facilities in San Francisco, campers (and counselors) will engage in talent shows, theme-based dress up days, spirit wars, scavenger hunts, carnivals, and much much more. This structured, yet relaxed environment sets the foundation for each camper to be their authentic self while building meaningful connections with teachers, counselors, and peers.   

All campers are encouraged to get into the spirit of summer camp by participating in themed dress-up days throughout the summer.  Whether it be Rock Star Day or Halloween in the Summer, campers are sure to feel the “heart’ of summer camp while reinventing themselves in their favorite outfits. Furthermore, ‘Young at Heart’ campers will participate in four rotation-based activities each afternoon. These rotations provide campers with the opportunity to experience athletics, visual and media arts, technological arts, and theater arts, all in one afternoon. ‘Young at Heart’ is a place where campers develop new skills in a broad range of age-appropriate activities under the gentle guidance of enthusiastic and skilled adults.

What makes this program unique is the overwhelming sense of community that our staff and counselors provide. Each afternoon begins and ends with a counselor-led whole-camp meeting in the gymnasium where all campers are brought together to celebrate the day’s successes, sing and dance to camp songs, and get excited about what’s to come. This is an environment where campers, counselors, and teachers can truly be ‘Young at Heart!’

Broadway Bound Theater Camp




Broadway Bound Theater Camp

$750 per session

3rd-6th Grade, Co-ed

Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall is thrilled to offer ‘Broadway Bound’- an afternoon theater program for students who love to sing, dance, act, and generally express themselves through performing arts!  In each three week session, students will work together on all elements of theatre arts as they prepare for a final staged musical production in the beautiful Syufy Theatre.  

Each day will be filled with all kinds of creative fun that will allow students to develop their physical and vocal expression, collaboration skills, and imagination. In a typical day, theater campers will:

    *Warm up with creative theater games
    *Work up a sweat and choreograph dance routines
    *Help design and construct backdrops for the final play
    *Learn basic technique of proper singing
    *Take on characters and find joy in new acting roles
    *Bring all of these elements together towards a final production

It is our goal to have each camper grow in their love for creativity, self expression, and confidence. Whether you dream of being on TV someday, dancing in the ballet, or simply love to play in your own imagination, this is the program for you!

***Join us on July 3 and July 24 at 2:00pm in the
Syufy Theatre for each session’s final performance!***

Registration Information

Online registration opens Monday, February 3.  Enrollment is open to entering K-6 students from Convent & Stuart Hall, students from other Bay Area schools (independent, parochial and public) and students from abroad. All students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Discount Questions

Q:  Are there any discounts for families/siblings?

A:  First camper pays full price, each sibling thereafter receives $100 off of the total fee (per session). This $100 is in addition to other package discounts.  At the time of registration, please enter discount code: Sibling

Q:  Is there a discount for packaging morning and afternoon programs?
A:  Yes, campers who enroll in morning and afternoon programs (any combination) will receive $50 off of the total session fee. Any camper who registers for morning, afternoon, and PM care will receive $100 off of the total session fee.

Lunch Program Questions

Q:  Do I have to register separately for the lunch program?

A:  No, all campers who are enrolled in afternoon programs are welcome to eat the lunch we serve.

Q:  Can I send a sack lunch with my child?

A:  Families are welcome to send a lunch with campers if they prefer. 

Q:  What if my child has a food allergy, such as peanuts?

A:  Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall will not serve any product that contains nuts or is processed in a nut-friendly factory. 

Q:  What about gluten allergies or other allergies?

A:  Unfortunately, at this time, we will be unable to process all such requests. A full menu for the summer will be made available to families before camp begins. 

                                            General Questions

Q:  Are there refunds if we change our mind?
A: A $250 deposit per session will be due at the time of registration. The remaining balance (for both sessions) will be due by Monday, June 2, 2013.  All unpaid balances will be processed on Friday, June 13. All deposits are nonrefundable (unless a course is cancelled due to low enrollment). The deposit confirms your child’s spot in the program. No full or partial refunds of tuition will be made for any reason after June 1.

Q:  What are the behavioral expectations during the summer?
A: All participants have the right to enjoy a positive community experience. Accordingly, all campers are expected to follow and support Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall expectations for positive community at all times. Behavior or language that is perceived by staff to be disrespectful, hurtful, unsafe, or threatening may result in dismissal from the program. This includes any behavior that the summer program administration believes undermines our ability to best serve the needs of our participants.

Q: What is the attendance policy?
A:  Due to the academic nature of the program, we encourage campers to be present as much as possible for the duration of the program. We understand that summer scheduling is difficult and will allow campers to miss up to one week of camp per session. We are unable to prorate for any amount of missed time during the program.

Q:  Will campers receive a camp t-shirt?
A: Yes. Campers returning for both sessions will only receive one t-shirt for the duration of the program.

Q:  What should campers wear each day?
A: We ask that all campers wear attire appropriate for running, jumping, and playing. Closed-toe
tennis shoes are recommended. Sandals and flip flops are not recommended.

Entering K-6 Program, Broadway Campus

Summer Program Brochure 

2014 Summer Brochure.pdf

Summer Program Director


Summer Program Assistant Director


Our Vision

Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco is a pre-eminent center of learning, teaching and creativity that launches purposeful, globally engaged young minds and hearts on paths of excellence.

With superior tracks in academics, arts, theater, and athletics, Summer at Convent & Stuart Hall helps campers broaden their scope of knowledge while being supported and encouraged by peers, counselors, and well-trained faculty. Our priority is to create a culture of inclusion, so that each camper feels welcomed and part of something greater than themselves, giving them the best possible camp experience.

All K-6 programs take place at
2222 Broadway, San Francisco