Connecting the "hands" and the "hearts." Volunteering at Convent & Stuart Hall offers a unique opportunity to express through action, the goals and values of our Sacred Heart family. Active involvement in our community enhances and enlightens our children's perspective through our example. 

The "Hands" of Volunteering

Parents Association (PA) and School Fundraising

The Parents Association and the Advancement Office drive the fundraising events that directly benefit our school and the success of these events is a direct result of the active participation of our family volunteers. Monthly Parents Association board meetings are open to the entire community and are run by our PA President and current event/program chairs. The agenda includes information from the entire school, details about upcoming school events and serves as an invaluable resource connecting you to our Sacred Heart family. 

Classroom and School-Run Events

Driven by the class parents and school administrators for your child's grade and school, there are many opportunities to have a direct effect on your child's classroom experience. By participating in activities specific to your class, you get a glimpse into their day-to-day life as well as personally connecting you to the classroom

Community Engagement Programs

 Our engagement programs reinforce the notion of thinking beyond our school and gives merit to our value-based education through service and awareness. By bringing people together, we challenge ourselves and our children to consider the various ways in which they can positively impact the lives of others, therefore connecting them to the global community

Celebrate Spring Volunteers
Celebrate Spring Volunteers

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