Emergency Information

We are deeply committed to taking care of our students and adults at all times, even in emergency situations.

Administrators have taken the following steps to be prepared for anything that may arise.

Staying Connected to the School
  • We have contracted with an emergency broadcast system called AlertNow, which can send voice, text and/or email messages to our contacts.
  • To the extent possible, updates may also be posted on the homepage of the school website, www.sacredsf.org.
  • To the extent possible, an outgoing message may also be available by calling 415-563-2900.
First Response
  • Both campuses are equipped with trauma kits and emergency supplies.
  • Most faculty and staff are First Aid certified; all employees are offered a free First Aid course each year to stay current on their certification.
  • We have employees on both campuses who have also taken First Responder training, and who have been trained in triage, security, rescue and communications.
  • Teams of adults on both campuses are trained to quickly assess the stability of our buildings. These teams will evacuate students and adults out of compromised buildings/areas as soon as they can do so safely.
Student Release
  • Unless the building is compromised or other hazards make the immediate surroundings unsafe, students and adults will shelter in place in most situations.
  • Both campuses of Convent & Stuart Hall are equipped with food and water, as well as comfort and waste necessities, for every student and every adult for 5 days.
  • Faculty and staff will stay with your children until they are picked up by you or an authorized adult named on your emergency form. Keep your student’s Family Information Form up to date at all times.
How You Can Be Prepared
  • Keep your child’s Family Information Form up to date.
  • Read your school’s Parent Student Handbook for additional Health & Safety information.
  • Talk to your child about the importance of taking fire/earthquake/lockdown drills seriously.
  • Talk to your child about your family’s emergency plan. These resources may help you develop one: http://72hours.org or http://quakequizsf.org/.

Update Your Contact Information

If your information has changed since you completed the Family Information Form over the summer, you can log in and update it at anytime. For questions about your family's contact information, e-mail .


Ask your students about how we regularly practice
  • Earthquake drills
  • Fire/building hazard drills
  • Campus lockdown/intruder drills
As a parent or legal guardian, the school will send you an emergency alert if
  • Students are evacuated or moved from their regular space
  • Students are asked to shelter in place or the school is under lockdown
  • There is an update to a previous alert
  • The school is conducting a drill of the emergency alert system (prior notice will always be given of an emergency communication drill)