Update on the Search for a New Director of Schools

Posted September 6, 2011

Dear Sacred Heart Community:

As Chair of the Board of Trustees' Search Committee for a new Director of Schools, please allow me to provide an update on recent activity related to the search process. As discussed in prior correspondence and in recent meetings, we are establishing a Search Advisory Committee consisting of various members of our school community, including: faculty, administration, parents and alumni. The objectives of the Search Advisory Committee are: (a) to provide input on the appropriate profile for this position, which will be renamed President; (b) to assist in the evaluation of final candidates; and (c) to serve as ambassadors for the school during periods when potential candidates visit campus. Emerald Yeh, a current member of the Board of Trustees, will Chair the Search Advisory Committee.

We want to thank you all for the many requests we have received regarding participation on the Committee. The number of qualified members is a testimony to the loyalty and spirit which is alive and well at Sacred Heart. The reality is that we can only accommodate so many requests in order to create an efficient and functional process; we also want to ensure balanced representation amongst all four schools and in other ways. During the past couple of weeks, Emerald has had an opportunity to talk to many stakeholders on the best structure for the Search Advisory Committee. We are pleased to announce that the following will be members of this important Committee:

Emerald Yeh, Committee Chair and Trustee (Stuart Hall gr. 9)
Francine Anthony, Former Trustee and Alumna
Victoria Watts, President of Alumnae Association (Convent gr. 9)

Joy Libby, President of the Parents Association (Convent gr. 8 and Stuart Hall gr. 6)
Randolf Arguelles (Stuart Hall gr. 4 and Stuart Hall K) and Stuart Hall for Boys Alumnus
Mary Conrad (Stuart Hall gr. 12 and Stuart Hall gr. 10)
Chris Grassi (Convent gr. 4 and Stuart Hall gr. 2)
Lisa Gruber (Stuart Hall gr. 12)
Eddy Gutierrez (Convent gr. 9 and Convent gr. 5)
George Hecksher (Convent gr. 11)
Vince Hoenigman (Stuart Hall gr. 3 and Convent K)
Liz Kelley (Convent gr. 12 and Convent gr. 10) and Convent High School Alumna
Nancy Svendsen (Convent gr. 11 and Convent gr. 9)
Kelly Whalen (Stuart Hall gr. 3 and Convent K)

Jenna Hann Gamlin, Convent Elementary School Middle Form Social Studies Faculty
Kellie Irish, Convent Elementary School Lower Form Dean
Ren Marquette, Stuart Hall High School Dean
Kate McMichael, Convent High School Theology Faculty
Dennis Phillips, Stuart Hall for Boys Middle Form Dean
Rachel Simpson, Convent High School Dean
Sergio Vasquez, Stuart Hall High School Campus Minister
Abby Vix, Stuart Hall for Boys First Grade Faculty

Please keep in mind a couple of things. First, our four Heads of School and many others not listed above have already been interviewed for input into the search process. Second, everyone has an opportunity to participate by filling out the survey vehicle provided by our search consulting firm Wickenden Associates. This will take no more than five minutes to complete. In order to make full use of the data yielded by the survey, however, we will need everyone who wishes to contribute to do so no later than Monday, September 12. Your voice is important to us and we look forward to hearing from you! Here is the link to the survey: www.surveymonkey.com/s/wasearchsurvey.


Keith Giarman, Chair of the Search Committee
Board of Trustees
Schools of the Sacred Heart San Francisco


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