Fiona | Grade 11
Fiona | Grade 11

Theology opens the door to not only different religions, but different ways of life and that is the key to being an active and productive citizen of the world.

  • Subjects
    History and Theology
  • Tradition
  • Activity

Favorite Subjects
My favorite subjects are History and Theology. I really enjoy these subjects because they are very much discussion-based and a way to debate with faculty and peers. In particular, History is interesting to me because I am fascinated by the progression of humanity and the pattern it produces. I also am very interested in Politics. I enjoy Theology because it always opens my mind. Humans live in very specific boxes, so to speak, where we are comfortable and familiar with our customs and ways of life. Theology opens the door to not only different religions, but different ways of life and that is the key to being an active and productive citizen of the world.

Favorite School Activity
My two favorite activities are student council and journalism. I was Freshman Class President and now am Sophomore Vice President and being on student council has positively introduced me to my classmates and my school. I love making things happen and being a part of the community. It has introduced me to my class and let me meet people from different friend groups. I also take journalism, which introduces me to everyone. I have learned so much doing The Broadview and could not have imagined a more unique program. I have learned how to speak to people, interview, design, manage time.

Favorite School Tradition
I did not go to Convent Elementary so I was not aware of the many amazing traditions Convent has, and I was happily surprised. I believe that traditions are the base for any great institution and Convent has a million. I think that some of my favorite are the senior and graduation ceremonies. I love the white graduation dresses and the ring ceremony and the sense of the world-wide sisterhood that goes along with being an alumna.

Favorite Space/Classroom on Campus
I like the Library because it is usually the most spacious. I love writing an essay and then looking up and seeing the whole world in front of me. Looking through the bay windows is inspiring and hopeful, especially when school can seem all-consuming.

Best Part of Your Day
The best part of my day is the transition and break periods of the day. This is not only because it is a break from classes, but because of all the conversations and hellos I get in the halls. I can always find an inviting conversation or invite someone into my conversation. It feels good to know people want to talk to you and include you.

Favorite School Project
I am most proud of the history research paper I wrote at the end of freshman year. I chose the subject that was interesting to me and I wrote about why I thought it was important. I am also very proud of the Mock Trial that we held in Hislish. I was one of the lead lawyers and got to be very involved in the planning and execution of the defense.

Benefits of Single-Sex Classes, Co-ed Community
I had only attended public school before I came to Convent so I was always with boys. When I came to Convent, I quickly forgot that boys were ever in the classroom. But I like how Convent tries to incorporate both [single-sex and co-ed opportunities] into a rounded education.

Last Book Read That Was Not Assigned
Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak

Future Career Path/Fields of Interest
I really enjoy, and am interested in, laws and politics.

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