Service Learning

Convent's community service program originates from Goal Three of the Goals and Criteria of the Sacred Heart Schools in the United States: "a social awareness which impels to action." At Convent, we encourage students to engage with their community in unexpected ways: whether they're serving at a soup kitchen, spending time with the elderly, coaching a sports team, or mentoring a younger student, we hope that Convent students will find their lives enriched through service.

Program Objectives

  1. To broaden each student's view of her world.
  2. To nurture in each student an awareness and sense of responsibility with regard to hunger, homelessness, the environment, public health, and the needy in our own community.
  3. To instill in each student a lifelong commitment to serving her community both locally and globally.


Students are encouraged to participate in service opportunities both on and off campus through school-sponsored activities and self-initiated long-term projects. All students must complete a minimum of 100 hours of service as a graduation requirement (25 hours per year for transfer students). Students log their hours through our school's web portal and are required to submit a written or oral reflection on their service experiences. News about upcoming school-wide and individual service opportunities are published in the weekly Thursday Notes, and links to one-time and ongoing service opportunities can be found by exploring the "Project Search" and "Summer Opportunities" links at left. Additionally, if you have an idea for a new service project, drive, or initiative, please contact , Community Service Director.

Logging and Tracking Service Hours

Starting in Fall 2011, all service hours will be logged via the Convent online web portal. Students will be able to submit their service hours and reflections online through this system, and they will also be able to view and track their submitted service hours at any time. This new system will allow students and their families to stay up-to-date on a student's total service hours and to track their own progress toward the 100-hour service requirement. Simply log on to the Student Access section of the Convent website to get started!

Please feel free to email with any questions or concerns.


Community Service Director


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