At Convent & Stuart Hall, you find the kind of lively, challenging education you expect of San Francisco’s finest schools, and you find something more.

Four Halls of Learning

  • A family of schools: Our sibling elementary and high schools offer a contemporary approach to single-sex education in a vibrant co-ed community.
  • Why single-sex classrooms? We see evidence every day that supports current research: Our boys and girls have a more positive attitude toward academic achievement and outperform their peers at co-ed schools.
  • The best of both worlds: While our students thrive in single-sex classes, they also grow and mature alongside each other as social and intellectual peers in our co-ed community. 

One Sacred Heart Philosophy

  • Our five Goals & Criteria, shared by Sacred Heart schools worldwide, breathe life into learning at every level of our schools.
  •  We are proud to be one of 22 Sacred Heart schools in the United States and one of more than 200 around the world.
  • This network helps us bring global awareness home, and gives our students unique international exchange and service opportunities.

Intimate Classes & an Expansive Community

  • Our small-school learning environment and four-school community make us both one of the smallest and one of the largest private schools in the city.
  • Our talented faculty know each of their students well, and those students benefit from their teachers collaborating with each other throughout the K-12 experience.
  • Our community has the warmth of a family-like atmosphere with the resources of a larger institution.
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Stuart Hall for Boys

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