International Network of Sacred Heart Schools

Our schools are part of an expansive family to which each child of the Sacred Heart forever belongs.

The Society of the Sacred Heart, established in 1800, has grown to include more than 200 independent schools in 44 countries, including 24 in the U.S. and Canada. 

Together, we educate promising young women and men to lead lives filled with meaning, purpose and prosperity of spirit, guided by the shared Goals & Criteria.

Bringing the World Home
Every year, hundreds of Sacred Heart students all over the world participate in summer service programs, group workshops, and exchange opportunities. The international character of Sacred Heart education brings global awareness home to our students. And wherever our students go, they find an enriched understanding of themselves, their place in the world, and their concept of family.

Examples of Network Summer Service Programs

  • Institute for Social and Environmental Awareness (Sprout Creek Farm, NY). Students live on a working farm, eat off the land, and work hard under the sun.
  • Project Harvest (Sprout Creek Farm, NY). Campers harvest produce from the farm to later donate to a local soup kitchen.
  • St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center (El Cajon, CA). The Center was founded in 1966 by Mary "Be" Mardel, RSCJ, a former director of schools and beloved educator at Convent & Stuart Hall. Here, developmentally disabled adults learn the skills they needed to join the workforce or develop social skills to live comfortably in their communities.
  • Bay to Waves (San Francisco). Faculty, staff, and parents from Convent & Stuart Hall host students from the Network for a week of service to the Bay Area organizations, including St. Anthony’s Foundation and the Village Well Community Center. (Read more in the Bulletin; follow the link and flip to page 33).
Student Exchanges
Our Middle Form and high school students have exchanged with students from Sacred Heart Schools from Forest Ridge (Seattle) to 91st Street (New York), to The Rosary (New Orleans), and everywhere in between.

National Conferences and Other Professional Development

During the summer, some of our faculty and staff attend the Network’s Roots conference in St. Charles, MO, to connect with others from the nation’s Sacred Heart schools and to fully understand the rich history and Goals established by St. Madeleine Sophie and carried out by our educators today.

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