K-12 Academic Council

The Convent & Stuart Hall K-12 Academic Council is comprised of the President, Heads of School, and Department Chairs representing each academic discipline. The Council meets quarterly during the school year with a mission to create a more aligned, exciting and relevant program for our students.

Jaime Dominguez
K-12 Curricular Alignment

Head of Stuart Hall for Boys since 2005, Jaime began teaching with Teach for America more than two decades ago. Committed to education equity, Jaime has taught at the American School of London, at public schools in Austin, Texas and New York City, and he serves on the board for Teach for America. His diverse background in education brings valuable insights and experience to his additional role as Vice President for Academic Alignment.

Sarah Garlinghouse
History & Social Sciences

Sarah has been teaching History & Social Sciences at Convent & Stuart Hall since 2006. A third-generation alumna of Convent High School, she enjoys teaching students to think critically and creatively about historical issues both inside and outside of the classroom. She has taken students to Sicily, Berlin and Rome, and has plans for more trips in the future.

Paul Lorentz
Religion, Theology & Spirituality

Paul teaches Ethics and Theory of Knowledge at Convent & Stuart Hall. Creating a safe space for asking big questions has been the defining joy of his eleven years at the school.

Rachel Simpson
Studies in Literature & English Language

A love of language, reading and writing has infused Rachel’s academic and professional life. With a degree in Modern Languages and Literature from St John’s College, Oxford University, and an MA in Education with an emphasis on teaching English, Rachel started at Convent & Stuart Hall in 1996, teaching French and English. She has been Head of Convent High School since 2012.

Tony Farrell
Studies in Literature & English Language

As Head of Stuart Hall High School, Tony focuses upon curriculum development for all disciplines. Less well known is Tony’s English background at Stuart Hall, where for seven years he applied his theatre background and his degrees in English from Stanford.

Ann Marie Krejcarek

Science and math are like bread and water to Ann Marie who, in addition to chairing the Science Department, is president of the school. Ann Marie’s early career in engineering required knowledge in the three core sciences: biology, chemistry and physics. She believes that a strong foundation in each — through hands-on explorations, computational thinking and problem solving, creative design projects and research — creates a path of discovery that is exciting and empowering to our students from kindergarten through grade 12.

Bonnie Fraenza
Performing Arts

Bonnie has been teaching music at Convent & Stuart Hall for 26 years, and building the school’s comprehensive instrumental music program for the last 16. A gifted musician, she also plays with local performing groups as a “professional sub“ performing on woodwinds and backup vocals.

Ken Harrington

Ken's third-grade math teacher predicted that one day, Ken would know more about math than he did. He has gone on to win three academic achievement awards, taught as adjunct faculty at USF for 18 years, and has led the Mathematics Department at Stuart Hall High School since 1999.

Heather Wells
Modern & Classical Languages

Heather has been teaching French at Convent & Stuart Hall since 2012. She also teaches professional development for language teachers through the Stanford World Language Program and grades the national AP French exam. Heather is also a trained facilitator for the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education.

Howard Levin
Digital Literacy & Design

Howard has worked at Convent & Stuart Hall since 2009, previously leading educational technology and teaching history at other independent schools. His passion is developing authentic learning opportunities that empower students and teachers. Howard is also part of the school's Leadership Team.

Amanda Walker

Amanda’s love of literature began when she was a student right here at Convent Elementary. She sees libraries as portals, offering entree into new and different worlds. Accompanying students as they step into new information, ideas, identities and understandings is her greatest joy, and Amanda feels lucky to share these adventures in reading with kids and adults alike everyday.

Angela Taylor
Early Childhood (K-4)

Head of Convent Elementary, Angela has been immersed in lower school curriculum for well over 25 years, as both a classroom teacher and administrator. She became an educator because of her love of learning and her love of children. Her two loves have been the driving force behind Angela's tireless commitment to ensuring each lower school classroom is engaging, safe and inspirational.

Rachel McIntire
Visual Arts

Rachel knew she wanted to be an artist at age six, when she took first place in a PTA art contest and won a hot-air balloon ride. That flight, and the hot chocolate she enjoyed afterward, solidified her interest in the capacity of the arts. Rachel has worked with non-profits and with youth and their communities to develop art programs in schools. She has been teaching art at Convent & Stuart Hall since 2006.

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